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Handcrafted bonsai wire trees to enhance your home décor.

Bonsai Tree Wire Art

Nero uses aluminium and copper wire to form his trees. The tree trunk is formed first by twisting, plaiting, and braiding the wire. Next, the tree is ‘planted’, normally into an authentic bonsai tree pot but it can also be attached to a wooden plank or a rock for a more natural look.
After the tree trunk is planted into its base, the branches are formed. This can be done using the same wire as the trunk or attached separately with wire of a different width and colour. The possibilities are endless. Nero’s trees contain hundreds or even thousands of meters of wire and take anywhere between a few days to several weeks to make.

When starting a new tree, Nero has an idea (no sketching is involved) that he follows by allowing the tree to ‘grow’ and evolve into its unique shape and size. Most of the trees have the look of the traditional bonsai but there are also some oak style trees, willows or even a few Christmas-y forest pines in the collection.


About Nero

Nero (Radovan Nehrer) was born in Slovakia and now lives with his wife and two sons in Broadstairs, Kent, UK. He has studied material design and his passion for testing the many aesthetic functionalities that material can have has evolved into his bonsai wire tree making. 

For Nero, each of his trees is filled with life. Nero sees each tree that he makes as a work of art that he hopes will have a positive impact upon the world. Everyone can find their own meaning in the art of his trees. Nero's trees can be inspiring, grounding, and calming pieces that help us to reflect on the world and our place within it. 

Nerowireart creates trees of life.



I recently had an outstanding experience with the purchase process from NeroWireArt. The communication was prompt and helpful, ensuring all my queries were addressed. The delivery from the UK to Germany was surprisingly fast, and the packaging was impeccable, ensuring the product arrived in perfect condition. Overall, a stellar purchasing experience that exceeded my expectations.


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