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Each of Nero’s trees is unique and one of a kind. Here in the gallery you will see trees that are available for purchase but also those that have sold – if you see one that says ‘sold’ but it has caught your eye, do contact us as Nero may have one in a similar style or even take an order and make one on commission.

Small trees

Small Trees

The small bonsai trees have up to 100m of wire and they take 2-3 days to make. They are subtle accent pieces that are perfect as a desk or bookshelf decoration.

Medium trees

Medium Trees

The medium-sized trees have between 100m and 500m of wire. They take between 3-5 days to make. These trees make the perfect wedding, birthday, or special occasion gifts.

Large trees

Large Trees

The large trees contain between 500m and 1000m of wire. These big beauties take anywhere between 5-10 days to make. These trees need a dedicated space in the hallway or front room so that they can be admired from every angle.

Extra large trees

Extra Large Trees

These super-sized trees are made of 1000m of wire or more. They are stunning giants that can take between 10-21 days to make. They are show-stoppers that compliment any home décor.

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